Bouti Origin...

Out of necessity, the Bouti™ was conceived in early 2003 in Hope Town, Abaco Bahamas. Why create a hat without a top? To remain cool, you just gotta let the heat out! Your Bouti™ will keep you cooler by shading your face, neck, ears and nose, while letting the heat escape through your head. Your Bouti™ is durable, packable, foldable, and will quickly become your most favorite and practical lid. This look of weathered sophistication will attract smiles and comments from everyone you encounter. Mold your Bouti™ in numerous fashions to fit your mood; brim down while on a beach drinking rum, brim up while on the golf course sipping rum. Or create your own fold…but don’t forget the rum. 

Come on humans, Get Your Bouti™ On!

Bouti - The Original Topless Hat